Saturday, September 27, 2008

How hard it is to control the mind....

How hard it is to control the mind! Well has it been
compared to the maddened monkey. There was a monkey,
restless by his own nature, as all monkeys are. As if that
were not enough, someone made him drink freely of wine,
so that he became still more restless. Then a scorpion stung
him. When a man is stung by a scorpion he jumps about for
a whole day, so the poor monkey found his condition worse
than ever. To complete his misery a demon entered into
him. What language can describe the uncontrollable
restlessness of that monkey? The human mind is like that
monkey; incessantly active by its own nature, then it
becomes drunk with the wine of desire, thus increasing its
turbulence. After desire takes possession comes the sting of
the scorpion of jealously of others whose desires meet with
fulfilment, and last of all the demon of pride takes
possession of the mind, making it think itself of all
importance. How hard to control such a mind!


Sunday, June 01, 2008

Putrid Seeds !!!

If you ask somebody that what would be future like ? you will be surprised by answers such as incredible innovations, products and the complete change of the. Computers that are intelligent enough to read up your mind. Vehicles, smart and fast enough to become your best friends. Home so intelligently designed that things would happen with the blink of eye. Technology will fill the space and intelligence would rule the roost. But what about the most important aspect of the future, the HUMANS. How would it be like ? with what kind of values? with what kind of attitude ? and most importantly what kind of thought process. If I am talking about the future human, Isn't I am talking about the current population of below 12 years age? Yes I am. So Lets take a look at 33% of population that will be next generation of humans.

Madarsa Camp !!!

Of course the second largest religion is the religion of least educated followers. Clashes of Islams are not to mention here whichare taking place in the various parts of world. The pervasive disharmony between muslim and other religions would certainly lead to the fragmented world in the future. The chasm of cultural difference would be widened by these madarsas which preach completely distorted form of Islam directed by the Clergies. This large population is dispersed around the globe. From Pakistan in the west Asia to Indonesia in the East Asia. From Iran to Iraq. From turkey to Russia. Islam and Muslims can not be neglected in the coming future. Technological assistance makes the things worse as with its help these fanatics hammer the world badly. So Muslims would keep on fighting for the supremacy of their religion. And this fight is for their pigheaded approach towards their religion. The staunch water stinks. So if new Islam would not be modernise enough the hitch is going to affect the coming generations badly. The religion would find newer seeds buried in the Madarsas of Bangladesh or in any part of the world that would impart clashes across the globe.
Child Soldier Camp !!!
Certainly the coming generation will be fighter by the nature. From the very inception they are trained to fight for their freedom, for their rights and for some cause. In Srilanka LTTE child soldiers have turned their childhood into the Arms training sessions. This is significant in the sense, in future they would turn into the army, fighting for the same causes their forefathers died fighting for. They too would have ever ready support from the technology. So any catastrophe can not be denied on the coming future. This generation of fighters is learning only one art, i.e. How to fight ? and they would certainly keep the cause alive in the future. These groups has identified that it is important to get rid of the childhood and preoccupy the sub-conscious minds of children with the thoughts of their "cause".

In Africa things are even worse. Here children are forcefully taken up by the so called freedom fighters and they are so much tortured that children start following the blood path blindly after wards.Children are forced into the opium addiction, boozing and bloodshed. Can you imagine that this breed of fighters is going to disarm in coming future. How much precarious journey of their life is lying ahead. Some of these African children opt for the arms out of madness but some out of hunger and inequality. As the later percentage is increasing, it is definitely a negative signal for the rest of the world.
And things are not limited to only Srilanka or Africa but to the larger part of world. In Israel, Middle east, in Israel, in Pakistan and in Korea, ever where there is Army of children who are ready to fight for their causes. In Gaza things are so bad that if children play they play the games with the real arms. This is real threat to the childhood of the masses. Children shouting the "Unknown" slogans and killing mindlessly can bring your heart out. The way innocence is turning into rage will definitely drive hell in the coming future.
Consumerism Camp !!!
This is worst affected generation. Its psychology is completely engulfed by the products, brands and materialism. This group would be real threat to themselves. This is another kind of addiction instilled in the present generation by the marketers considering the safe future for their products without considering the health hazards of the products.
Consumerism is on the path of its zenith. It has covered the vast majority of the child hood as its potential future customer. The children are so madly following these things that it is not going to loose its ground in the future. From eating to wearing. From dialect to mannerism everything is governed by the market forces for this coming generation. Chocolates, Video games, burgers, colas and brands have never been so popular among children. These things have become the integral part of the lives of the children now. This generation would feed the organisation, profits and employment to millions of the people in coming time.

Deprived camp !!!
This Pulitzer Prize winner photograph really pulled out your heart out. Vulture waiting for its prey to die signifies how bad the situation would be in the future. This hungry childhood would make another army of deprives in the world of obesity resulting out of over eating. Billions of this class would emerge into the psychologically challenged generation. Hunger would turn into something world would never imagine. Certainly this childhood would not turn into normal future adulthood.
Then comes the childhood that is been forced into labour. Billions are forced in India and China in unorganised/organised sector of employment. This class is going to affect the way things would be manufactured in the future. The obvious depravity in this class would certainly reflected in the way the different strata of the society would interact with eachother. In third tier or fourth tier manufacturing units these children are forced to work in the conditions which are beyond imagination of the normal mind.
So these putrid seeds that are sown now would result into the generation of the future that everybody is envisaging as technology savvy. Do you think these things would affect the way the thing s would be. I believe they will.

Bottom line....

"Existence is intangible so that the everything related to it. Dreams are result of unconscious mind, why to be conscious all the time then? Love is difficult to be understood, it’s not for mediocre like me. Relationships are binding force for an individual, but I am still free. Money can not buy you happiness, then why to accumulate dollars. Change is the only constant thing then why to prick the status-quo? Come along with me to feel the enlightenment"….Unknown...